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You’ve stumbled upon Johanna Viitanen, a Finnish author and writer. The rest of the site is written in a bizarre Finno-Ugric language; after all, I am a Finnish person who writes in Finnish. Sorry about that.

You can

  • email me at johanna[at] – this is the surest way to get an answer on foreign publishing rights and other Actually Important Things.
  • not find me on Facebook, because of reasons.
  • have a look at some of my photography on Flickr.
  • try phoning me at +358 40 7198 431 during weekday mornings, if you’re feeling bold. I’m always up for a chat, but I’m also rubbish at answering the phone. This may or may not have something to do with the phone being on silent while I’m working.

I love clever nonfiction and poetry, Iain Banks, Beoga, bumblebees and lots of other things beginning with B. I also love many things not beginning with B. If you feel compelled to give money to a cause I support, I’d suggest BHA, Stonewall, or their equivalents in your country.